Paintings by Andrea Eby


     Andrea started her art career at Stamford collegiate high school where she took the specialized art program.  After high school Andrea went out west to Vancouver and enrolled at the Emily Carr College of art and design where she studied painting and ceramics.  Upon her return to Ontario she received her interpretive Illustration Diploma from Sheridan College.  After many years working in the graphic design industry Andrea started painting again.  Her talents won the Grimsby Art Heritage competition 3 years in a row with paintings of the "Old Orchard", "The Grand old oak" and a series of 3 paintings "Carnival Glass".  Andrea is passionate about her work and her community.  In 2011 Andrea got involved in the Grand old white oak tree stand.  Andrea donated the proceeds from the sale of prints of her painting "the grand old oak" to the stands rejuvenation project.  Andrea continues to paint and has been commissioned for portraits and other works.

andrea 1


This painting was inspired by the old orchards in Grimsby where the Canadian Tire center is now located.  Andrea remembers playing in these orchards as a small girl.  This painting won 1st place in the 2010 Grimsby Art Heritage competition.  Acrylic on canvas  48 X 40.

andrea 2

andrea 3


This painting was created on an off site.  The picture portrays a fellow Grimsby artist working in their studio.  Acrylic on Canvas 40 X 18.

<"The Grand Old Oak"

This painting is of the Grand old oak tree in Grimsby Ontario.  This tree was over 200 years old.  Unfortunately the tree fell during a storm in 2011 and the tree stand was designated a heritage site in 2011,  This award winning painting is in a private collection.  There are prints of this painting available at Object's to desire in Grimsby or our ETSY store.  The profits of the sale go towards the  Grand Old Oak Heritage project.


<"Mr Glenn"

A commissioned portrait of a successful businessman and philanthropist.  A prominent figure in Brampton this was a gift to his loving Mother and Father who were not able to see him on a regular basis because of his exotic travels.  Being a perfectionist and a fine eye for detail this was the 3rd and final draft.

Water colour on canvas 

Prints now available at Objects to Desire in Grimsby Ontario.